Astral Harvest – The Canadian Escape



Astral Harvest – MAKE IT TO THIS ONE!!!

It’s really simple, this festival is wedged away in the mountains of Alberta, Canada.  As far as festivals go, this one is very unique most EDM fans would say.   It is off the beaten path for sure and only sees about 2,000 devoted fans that journey there each year.  The attendees come in all sorts of costumes.  Ranging from fans dressed as aliens to people enacting superheroes, Astral Harvest has it all.  There are a certain set of genres Astral Harvest is known for.

The Genres

Tech House – (Richie Hawtin’s Boiler Room Set, says it all)

Drum & Bass is different.

It comes in a lot of different styles.  Here’s two examples of two very different sounding styles yet still fall under the same genre…

Noisia’s Noisia Radio Season 1 / Episode 1  (This is really, really heavy, in your face-type stuff.  Noisia has always been known for just their really robotic and massive sounds that they throw together into just drum and bass masterpieces).

Maduk & Veela’s Ghost Assassin   (Notice how this track doesn’t involve as many grinding sounds that seem to take up the whole panorama of hearing in Noisia’s Radio episode.  It’s just simple snare kick combos with cymbals and hats).

Glitch Hop – (Savant’s Starfish is a prime example of what the Glitch Hop movement is all about.  It’s quick, jumpy, electronic and funky.  I HIGHLY suggest reading his Wikipedia page here.  He churns out multiple albums a year, something most artists can only dream of.)

Only to name a few…

Photographs of Astral Harvest Music and Arts Festival 2014

What activities are there?

If you’re into yoga then you’re in luck because there are complimentary yoga classes galore.  Astral Harvest is actually known for its wide array of classes ranging in many different versions of yoga.  There are Art workshops for those that enjoy their fair share of artistry while grooving to the sounds of DJs like Buku, Low Steppa, Coyote Kisses and many, many more.  In the art workshops you get a chance to design clothing, paint abstract portraits, carve out designs into wood and a few other cool things. The festival also includes “Movement Workshops.”  These workshops teach festival goers how to shuffle, juggle, dance and many other handy essentials for the rave scene.


The Setup & Will I Be There!?

The festival is laid in a slightly compact fashion.  This may sound like an inconvenience but it is actually to your advantage since the parking area and campground are close to the venues themselves.  There are four stages, Interstellevator, Wakah Chan, Angelica’s Basket and The Market stage.  The cuisine is rather interesting as well…  The unconventional menu consists of Astral Harvest staples like pad thai burgers, falafel, poutine and many other Canadian favorites.  Overall, after doing my research on this fairly new festival (Est. 2008) it became apparent that this would be a very unique one to go to especially because of the setting in the Canadian mountains.  I’m also a big fan of the genres that are gonna be on display at the festival, let’s hope I can score some tickets and an Uber ride up to the Alberta mountains, still can’t be paying those crazy flight rates.

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